Friday, November 18, 2011

inside the ilustrarte package

these are details from the three illustrations i had sent to the ilustrarte exhibition in portugal (whose selected participants can be seen here, and whose winner can be seen here! congratulations valerio!)

these illustrations and a few others were part of a book project i had started with susanna mattiangeli, who is in my opinion one of the greatest children storytellers in italy right now (one of the downsides of living in an age of images is the decreased importance of words. children's books today are often -not always- just amazing works of art surrounded by vague plots and poor content. susanna is a refreshing change from this tendency and i hope she will publish lots of stories for my future children to read).

making childrens books is an arduous task, and italian editors are hard to please, but it's an interesting experience and one i hope to be able to continue.

i've had a lot of fun making these illustrations, and i think that's a good sign.
you can see the full pictures here.


antonella said...

complimenti felicita!
Le tue illustrazioni sono splendide! ...un sorriso per gli occhi! :)

felicita said...

grazie antonella!

manfredi said...

geniale e fichissimo

felicita said...

ciao manfredi! grazie!

highjumper said...