Wednesday, January 25, 2012

early morning character 3: étienne

étienne was known to have played his own ear off on his yamaha.


Unknown said...

Methods of infection with lice and its symptoms
The simplest way is to move the lice from one head to another when the two are converging, allowing the lice to jump to the other head. It can also be moved by crawling if the lice fall on the pad on which they have already slept, and also through the brush they use, That the infection occurs effectively if not 24 hours since the departure of the head of the host where it was where it will then die after the expiration of 24 hours.

Methods of infection with lice and its symptoms
If you suspect that you have already infected lice, these are the most important signs and signs that may help you.
And you find it: your constant sense that something is moving with your head.
After that, you will feel the continuous itching caused by the bite of the lice when they absorb blood.
The most important signs are the appearance of small grains or red spots on both scalp.
As well as the neck and shoulders and the reason for it is due to the sensitivity of human skin from the saliva of the lice.
Which occurs when feeding lice on blood.
How to protect yourself from the risk of infection?
Prevention is always better than treatment so you find that not to share things such as hats or hair brushes and pillows with other people, in addition to the need to shower to maintain the cleanliness of the body and prefer to shower using a medical shampoo, and you have to take care of cleaning the beds and pillows each period and change and you will find that hot water will be saved Of any lice may exist.

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