Thursday, February 16, 2012


im working on an alphabet project. yesterday i made some quick memory cards (there is some really bad ESL for kids material out there, picture wise, so i tend to make my own) for the kids i teach english to, who are learning B words, and i thought about making the whole thing as a side project.

the whole abc thing is a bit overdone in the illustration world but at the same time it's nice to see what kind of words different illustrators pick for each letter. what would you pick for A? and is there an alternative to xylophone for X?


inspir@lia said...

x-ray, Xanadu (you could do a picture of Olivia Newton John?!). I'd love something like that for my kids - the stuff that you can buy in educational shops is so boring!

felicita said...

haha! i've been seriously considering xanadu with ONJ! let's see if it all comes together!

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