Monday, March 5, 2012

uppercase magazine

this illustration of mine was selected for inclusion in the next issue of Uppercase magazine, a canadian quarterly publication which i am very much a fan of. you can find out about it here or buy/subscribe here.

The illustration was made with collage from 1950s italian magazines, graphite and pastel and a touch of digital colour. I rarely do collage, because i much prefer to draw, but somehow it seemed fitting for this magazine, and this precise image came to me when i saw their call for works.

issue 13 will come out in april. photo below from uppercase site.

In the meantime, i got an iphone, like everyone else, and, like everyone else, am going crazy with the various photo apps. to make myself feel relieved from the sense of digital photo cheating induced guilt, i've taken a few real rolls of film to develop. can't wait to see what's inside!

Here is a little bit of trastevere and the view from our house.