Friday, July 20, 2012

m is for music.

i have completed my abecedario, soon you will be able to see it, at least in part, on a new webspace i'm making. it's been fun indulging in the beauty of smudgy graphite, but now i have to find some kind of outlet for this. memory cards? posters? who knows.

meanwhile, it's too hot and i've had too little sleep to function properly so i've been getting stuck in that hypnotically dangerous process of digging up old favourite songs on youtube. everything from arrested development to the smashing pumpkins to this amazing, amazing piece of music from the film vengo that i never ever tire of hearing. and then there is this old pearl by mazzy star i heard on a radio a few days ago, and had completely forgotten about for years. I was overwhelmed with good vibes from the late nineties upon relistening to it. sometimes that's all a girl needs on a slow summer morning.

i leave you with this seemingly inconsistent bundle of listening, and with a few images from the abecedario. happy weekend!

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