Wednesday, August 29, 2012

market finds

was brousing through a second hand bookshop yesterday and found these two pearls. the first is a 1967 edition of Dumas' lady of the camelias. a prime specimen of 1960s cover design and full of character and scenery illustrations inside (city of paris above).

the second is a botero catalogue with some great articles about his work and life. it shows a great collection of his work up to the early 90s. will you look at that first painting. the guy had a fascinating mind. i spent a good while looking at this picture with gianluca. both laughing and in complete awe. and will you look at that pencil work. simply beautiful. excuse the poor photo quality. i am yet to purchase a decent camera.


alessandra said...

Old editions are deliciuous! I prefer the second on e because i love Botero. Your photos are perfect, dont't worry!

felicita said...

grazie alessandra!