Thursday, August 2, 2012


i remember a sense of missing out when i used to read news or blogs from australia during the months of july and august, freezing my butt off in some underheated room, and looking at all these sunny holiday snaps people would put up in all their northen hemisphere summer glory.

this roman summer has so far been one of relative unexcitement and meagre attempts to face traffic to squeeze in a lil' bit of sea swimming between work days. but i can't complain, it's been a grand year so far. and, as the husband slaves away on an animation in his underground cave, i have escaped to the seaside for a few days to visit my grandmother. we've been eating copious amounts of intensely tomato-smelling tomatoes from the vegie patch. i've been showing her photos from our wedding trip to morocco and, since i have not been drawing much (due to the debilitating, brain numbing, unceasing heatwave), i'll put some little postcards up from this marvellous country instead. next week i'll be picking up the last of a buch of rolls of morocco-film (from may!) and will put up a few decent happy snaps (to make the aussies jealous), and i'll also put up the new recipe for august!

On another note, was recently featured on the beautiful blog design work life, an offspring of the design studio seamless creative. so, hello! to all you people who are visiting from there. thanks for stopping by!

I also wanted to announce that I am preparing some new prints for the shop, so stop by again soon!
'til next week, friends. here's a song to ease you into august, whichever hemisphere you find yourself in.


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