Saturday, September 8, 2012

trees and more trees.

it's the new blog's first birthday today! i had a blog for years before this one, but somehow starting over fresh with a clean new space and bigger pictures has really helped me to set objectives and be more consistent. my illustration work has benefited from it i think, and it has somewhat matured. i am finally making things that i am happy of (not ecstatic mind you, but happy).

this is an illustration i'm making as part of a new project that i will show you later on in time, if it manages to come together. i'm working with pencil and watercolour a lot more, two wonderful mediums which were somewhat made for each other. and since we're on the topic of trees, here is a photo i took yesterday. i was helping out these guys with a kids' art workshop and we took 'em all to the park to draw and watercolour trees. it was awesome to watch them. can't get enough of the trees.

here is an old favourite song of mine, to celebrate.


Jess said...

Lovely illustration and I like to see the process. Thanks for the music too! :)
Jess x x

felicita said...