Tuesday, December 18, 2012

illustrated recipes: november

to the sound of better late than never, here is november's recipe.
the story is, we were walking around the tiny fishing village of Baan Koh Jum, a tiny island in the Krabi province of southern thailand, when we heard a woman calling out to us saying she had fresh barracuda. we sat down under a fan and tiger balmed the sixty odd mosquito bites collected during the walk through the jungle to the village,  and chatted to the elderly couple. she showed me the fish in the icebox, big and shiny. I asked if I could watch her cook and this is what she made.

The coriander and lime are my own addition, because I love them, but the original recipe was so incredibly simple and tasty it threw all my preconceptions about needing a million ingredients to make thai food out the window. 

while we're at it, here are a few snaps from the holiday to set the mood for the sunshine goodness that emanates from this dish (or the memory of it).


Marco Flore said...

beeeeelo... e bona la zuppa yhai. la voglio assaggiare! :) grazie del link! a presto

Giuli said...

Uhm... delicious! Mi ricorda tanto la mia vacanza passata!
Complimenti Felicita per il tuo lavoro, per le tue illustrazioni e le tue deliziose ricette!!

Sparv said...

Oh no! I had a look at your Society6 page because I know that this would be the perfect gift for my boyfriend, but I can't seem to find this as a print there! Is it possible to buy a print of it or have you decided not to sell it for some reason? All of these are really lovely (thinking of getting the maple apple cake recipe for myself actually!) and I would so so so love to get this one as a print. :)

Alexis said...

I also would like to purchase this print but can't seem to find it. Is it still for sale? My husband and I honeymooned in Thailand and we would love to have your beautiful print hanging on our wall as a nice reminder!

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