Thursday, November 7, 2013

bridgetown process

a large commissioned painting i recently finished. it seems people keep on loving the old colour block houses, because that's all i have been doing on canvas lately.

i'd like to share some terribly bad photos of the whole process.
i work in layers, using fairly neutral colours to cover the base drawing and then going over that various times, sometimes adding, sometimes taking away, until the different blocks start to work together in terms of colour and space. the original drawing is hardly ever the same at the end, as i change it as i go. i alternate thicker blocks of paint with more sparse watered down bits which i rub off with a cloth to get more texture.

this painting was made with acrylics, it measures 120x100cm.


miniPau said...

Such a beautiful piece!!! Thanks fro sharing the process, is always nice to see how the image changes from one stage to the next!!!!!

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