Thursday, October 23, 2014

crayons and pencils

finally had a little spare time to sketch in between projects. it's so important and i wish i could be one of those incredibly prolific people who fill in numerous sketchbooks every year. I have one sketchbook that lasts forever, and rarely gets finished. i like to think the experimenting happens on the job. but this is so much better, and so liberating.


Unknown said...

These are so amazing, I really like your style!

Sarah Steele said...

I love these! And I totally relate. It seems I just don't have the discipline to fill sketchbooks even though I know it would help me artistically. I need to work on that. I've promised myself not to buy another sketchbook until I've filled most of the blank ones I already own. Ha!

felicita said...

thankyou rosa.
sarah, that's a good plan!

Unknown said...

Oh my good its so good!

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