Wednesday, September 2, 2015

new book

I can finally announce that the book I illustrated for walker books by author Michael Morpurgo is out! It's called My father is a polar bear, it's a beautiful autobiographical story, and my first official picture book!

This book is dear to me, first because this is the first international publisher I've ever worked with, and it's been a pleasure. secondly, because I made it in the last months of pregnancy and first months of nina's life. A real labour of love. you can find it in bookshelves across  the UK, the US and Australia and on amazon.

here is some artwork and character sketches from the book.


Maria Teresa Abreu Lima said...

Incredibly beautiful, as always! I'm really in love with your work.

electricwave said...

congratulazioni,è veramente bello !! EW

felicita said...

thanks a million!

Katherine Jasven said...

Congrats Felicity! Your artwork is inspirational! : )

Unknown said...

you rock xox

Mark Rehua said...

welldone fe will have to get a copy for my grandaughter willow.

Ivana Trump said...

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Julie Marie Cecile said...

Congratulation Felicita, this book looks really wonderful!! Do you know if we can buy it in France?

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