Thursday, November 19, 2015

new website

my new and improved website is up with lots of new content! including a preview of my new book Crescendo, which i'll share more of soon.


Lorna Webster said...

Beautiful, love how simple and elegant it is!

Johnny said...

The blog listed here is officially named as "Felicitasala," and is essentially a blog dedicated to showing off and displaying a wide variety of artworks done by the author of the blog. In addition to the wonderfully drawn pictures, there are also special animations on the page and even a store in case anyone wants to purchase a piece.

Johnny @ Web Solutions Firm

felicita said...

thankyou Lorna

Steven said...

You’ve got a really evocative style. Reminds me of Roald Dahl a little bit. I particularly liked the Early Harvest pictures, both the one of the young man dancing on the table and the little girl peeking into a house. Very interesting use of facial expressions in the first one and contrast in the second.

Steven @ Cambridge Local Marketing

Zack said...

I was really impressed with Felicita’s artwork. I especially enjoyed her use of color, shadow and the line of her figures.I have decided to order a couple of prints to give to some friends as a gift for their birthdays. I look forward to seeing more of her work and how her style and talent will evolve over time.

Zack @ MyNetWire

Chris Hatcher said...

Your artwork style is very refreshing and enjoyable. I love when I see impressionist art that is also modern. Maybe I'm mischaracterizing your work, but I'm just speaking as an amateur. I'll be bookmarking your page for a possible return visit when I have some more cash in my art budget.

Chris Hatcher @ Red Stick SEO