Friday, August 10, 2012

illustrated recipes: august

this month i have a double illustrated recipe for you! greek and perfect for summer and sharing. there's something about the mixing of mint and lemon and garlic that makes anything unbelievably amazing. i'll definitely be making more of it before eggplant season is over. happy weekend!

recipe taken from donna hay's seasons. i got this book as a gift from a wonderful friend and it is dangerous.

(illustrated prints available here)


Tammie Lee said...

oh yum!
and beautiful too~

♥ maaria said...

Lovelovelove your illustrations!

felicita said...

thanks ladies!

Anonymous said...

this illustration -againis is so amazing!
i love donny hay and your illustrations!
you should do a book together!

thanks for sharing!!!

miriam / Austria

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Fe!! I'm hungry.

felicita said...

thanks miriam!

toby, you'll have to come for dinner to try them!

ally said...

We made these tonight and we absolutely loved them (our daughters did too!)
Your illustrations are divine...I would definitely buy a cookbook with your pics in it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this way of showing recipes. It is a great way to let people who think with the right hemisphere (visual spatial thinkers)cook in an easier way; pictures,short descriptions and an instant overview.

Oringle said...

Wow! Wonderful! I love your blog, and work too...:-* P.

PP said...

nice works!