Thursday, August 9, 2012

new prints

so, back to rome and have already done some damage. yesterday i spilt wine on the old macbook and took it to the apple repair store where, fingers crossed, they'll tell me my hard disk is safe and sound and that, even better, the macbook is too. in the meantime i am using g's computer and have updated my society 6 shop. the quality of the product is by far superior to what i was able to sell on etsy, and you can choose your size. it was just too time consuming and frustrating to find a decent high quality art print place here in rome. that didn't charge a gazillion euros a print.

so, from now on, you'll be able to buy high quality prints of my work (including the illustrated recipes!) from the wonderfully efficient team at society 6, here, and original artwork (small scale paintings and original illustrations) form my etsy store, here. the etsy shop will also be updated in the upcoming weeks, with some brand new work.

meanwhile, come back tomorrow for the latest illustrated recipe for august! i tried it today, and i don't mean to boast, but delicious is an understatement.

i leave you with some abstract pencilwork.

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