Wednesday, February 13, 2013

puttin' the love back into rome, episode 6: winter sun

i stopped doing this series about a year ago, because i'm not extremely consistent with blog series in general and it has been a crazy year. but last weekend i managed to do something i haven't done for ages, which is really conductive to productivity and happiness in general: take a walk around town, big warm scarf and johnny cash as company.

one of the problems with being a roman is that you take rome for granted. you forget how beautiful it is and in an effort to get through the day to day and avoid tourist hotspots you rarely make time to spend time with the city. roman winters are cold and long (for my australian standards), but they do offer respite in the form of: big blue sunny days and crisp fresh air, a splendid aggregation of sun coloured buildings, milky smooth statues and smoky chestnut smells from street vendors.


Anonymous said...

och what a beautiful pictures of the beautiful city you live in! I've been in Rome for the first time this summer, and can't wait to visit it again :-)

M. said...

I just love your blog— it has got it all. Viva Felicita!

Jack said...

I have always been so fond of Rome and really hope that one day I can go visit it for myself.Anyhow thanks for posting this good stuff!