Wednesday, April 3, 2013


a little break from lines and drawings.

picked up some rolls of film and among them were photos from a little trip to naples we took a few weeks ago. i had never been to naples and i loved it. we spent most of the time eating what i like to call hearty southern comfort food, as the windy weather was not kind the first day.

the kids in the middle photo had been playing soccer and they stopped to pose. they couldn't understand why i couldn't show them the photo immediately, and made me promise to put it on facebook where i would add one of them as friend, giovanni was his name i think.

had to include the postcard view at the end (last two photos with trusty iphone). it was a nice parentheses to a busy month.

also: a beautiful video i can't stop watching.
 a nick cave favourite i've been relistening to on repeat.


Alison Soye said...

Oh wow, I liked this post a lot! I was in Naples while inter-railing last summer, and it was one of my favourite places; so run down but yet so colourful and busy!

love your blog by the way, I get so excited every time I see something new!

felicita said...

thanks alison! isn't it so alive there! great photos by the way.

Jordan Hernandez said...

Your photos are beautiful. I love to visit these places you've captured

electricwave said...

che belle foto!rendono l'idea della città ..