Friday, April 5, 2013

new work and bologna book fair

some new work that hopefully will become a book project at some stage. you can see more images on my website, which was recently updated.

last week i went to the international children's book fair in bologna. an intensely colourful and slightly daunting event which allows one to see everything that's happening in the word of storytelling and picturemaking for children and, often, for adults.

the entrance and the central square, where i listened to an interesting interview to members of the swedish society of illustrators (sweden was guest of honour this year) on representations of children in swedish illustration.

an image from it's raining elephants' exhibition based on their publication about william tell. i absolutely love these ladies' work, and the way they work together almost symbiotically.
this video about them was shown at the exhibition and it is amazing.

this was one of my favourite works from the illustrators' exhibition, by iranian artist Alireza Goldouzian.

below, lorenzo painting a brick and susanna at a couple of little post-fair parties/exhibits. she has a new book out and she is probably my favourite children's storyteller ever. second only to maybe gianni rodari.

i came home plenty inspired and with a few books by pablo auladell, elena odriozola, and a little gem by portuguese publisher planeta tangerina.

walking through the stalls and looking at the different books published in the various countries it always strikes me how much of an abyss there is in the type of literature/illustration published for children in europe and in english speaking countries like the UK, australia and the US. why don't you ever see books like the ones by planeta tangerina or auladell in australian bookshops' kids sections? why do you only ever see stories about possums and other native animals? ok, i'm exaggerating slightly but not far from the truth either.
this is, however, another story for another time. 


L.W. said...

Che belle queste immagini !! Mannaggia a me che con l'inglese ho un pessimo, davvero molto pessimo, rapporto!

felicita said...

grazie dani! per l'inglese non ti perdi niente di importante!

electricwave said...

tutte molto belle,in particolare la seconda dall 'alto,un piccolo capolavoro,ricorda Shaun Tan..

Ahdini said...

i like the contemporary style of your artwork ;D

felicita said...

Grazie, complimentone!

felicita said...

Thankyou kindly!

Unknown said...

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