Tuesday, June 25, 2013


it's been so long! here are some of the things i've been working on recently:
1. we've almost finished the music video for our talented friend max. here is the underwater scene which gianluca animated brilliantly and i cannot wait for it to be ready so i can show you. by the way, gianluca, my husband, is finally making a website, check it out.

2. backdrop of the venice ghetto (the first jewish ghetto in the world apparently, and where the word ghetto comes from!) for a short animated trial we are working on.

3. rome light these evenings, i bask in it.

on top of all this i've also been working on food related illos for real food magazine and little recipe books for a client in spain. this week will be the deadline for my year of illustrated recipes.
are you curious? me too.

in other news, a promotion on society 6! free shipping worldwide til sunday on all prints and things!
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electricwave said...

complimenti per il video e per la tavola del ghetto di Venezia. EW

felicita said...