Sunday, June 30, 2013

illustrated recipes: end of series (may and june)

I made it, managed to post this final recipe pair on the last day of the month.
It's a special post because it features the amazing photo work of my dear friend Mike Baker, who came over for a day of shootin and eatin fun. a kindof test of sorts, to see what we could do.
So, to close this illustrated recipe year, we have:

Calamari ripieni, or stuffed calamari, is probably my favourite of my mum's dishes. I always ask her to make it for me when I go back to Australia. For best results buy small calamari, which will cook quicker and become like little dumplings of joy. the recipe is for 2 people.

Next we have:

This is a great summer dish, with its burst of colour from the figs. You can use balsamic vinegar glaze instead of balsamic reduction if you can find it in your supermarket. delicious.

Here are a couple of Mike's pictures from yesterday's session.
Now I'm off to sweden, you can see more of Mike's photos here.
(including my 'stepford wives' kitchen pose).