Monday, July 29, 2013

making of 'paper plane', a video.

I am excited to announce this little video we made for the behind the scenes of our upcoming music video for massimo giangrande's song paper plane.
here is the video. You can also see it on youtube. I made the paper cut out illustrations and gianluca did the animation work. The song on this video is also by Giangrande. You can listen or buy his new album here

Making of 'Paper Plane' from gianluca maruotti on Vimeo.

The actual video will come out in september, so I'll keep you posted after the holidays!
In other news, last week my illustrated recipe was featured on design sponge, which is always exciting.

This blog hasn't been very active lately. Life has been full of overwhelming events. I will be away for a little while, and be back with new work at the end of august. I leave you with a little picture of lettering for the video. Happy holidays to the north and happy end of winter to the south!


anto said...

This looks utterly amazing!! I so excited to see the full music video.

felicita said...

thanks anto!

miniPau said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful work and congrats on your many projects!!! Will be waiting for the end of August!!!

Hannah said...

So talented! Looking forward to the final result.

electricwave said...

complimenti,sia per la musica che per il video,che è anche un ottimo tutorial per realizzare stop motion..posso postare un link sul mio blog?(con credits naturalmente..)EW

felicita said...

Grazie! Certo!

barbara said...

love every bit of this, thank you so much for sharing!!

electricwave said...

Eccolo ! .... EW

lain said...

You are an amasing artist!
Can't wait to watch the whole video :-)

Emilie said...

Ciao. Hi there.
I have just found your blog.
Your illustrations are truly lovely.
I look forward to seeing more of your work and follow your blog.
This video seems to turn out great.
I will keep an eye on it.
Enjoy August.
Greetings from Emilie

L.W. said...

Meraviglioso. Semplicemente meraviglioso...

piccikka said...

strepitosooooooo! I tuoi disegni sono fantastici...dolci, ironici e un po' malinconici. 1 sorriso

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