Friday, August 30, 2013

an alphabet poster

Back again and have been making posters this week, some of which i am very happy about and will hopefully get to post soon, for a flower design / event planning company based in the US.

While in the poster making mood, I decided it was time to dust off some old unfinished work in time for the whole back to school phenomenon. If you remember this from last year, well here is the finished product of all that pencil work.  Having no means to do my own printing here in rome, I have once again left it up to the good folk at society 6 to do the dirty work for me, which may I say they execute wonderfully.

 The poster is therefore for sale in the print shop in various sizes. I did a test print in A4 at home and it's definitely too small. Posters are made for taking up space I say! A big version of this would really do the pencilwork justice.

meanwhile, some other beautiful alphabet illustrations.
here, by beatrice
here, by blanca
here, by bruno
here, vintage italian blocks.

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