Thursday, September 12, 2013

on waiting

some photos from an old roll of film. this is a time of waiting, and observing, and learning how to be still. it's so very hard to do things slowly, or to do nothing at all and feel ok about it.

waiting, patience, silence, openness and listening. sometimes i feel all the frustration and rigidity that pervades life and art comes from not having given enough space to these things.


Emma Hewitt said...


I would come and sit with you outside in the sun. We would put our feet up and not say anything at all for hours.


felicita said...

my balcony is always waiting for you, with a big view of the sky. xx

Anonymous said...

So enjoyed our blog, succulents are beauties! You might enjoy my iMovie on some in my video section. Just found your site, how refreshing! Keep up the creative strokes!

felicita said...

thankyou lugar!