Tuesday, September 24, 2013

paper plane, a music video

As promised, here is the music video Gianluca and I worked on a few months ago for our friend Massimo Giangrande's single, Paper Plane. Italian Rolling Stone magazine published it a few days ago, but this here is the high res version, in much better quality. To be enjoyed big, and with decent speakers, if possible.

It was a significant song for me to work on. Massimo had composed it a few years ago and played it (in a more folksy and upbeat rough version) at dinner one night, without any definite lyrics, kindof fooling around. I had made a little video of him and one day, listening to the tune again, I thought up some lyrics to go with it. Massimo ended up liking them and the song became part of the album.

A few months after the album came out we decided to do a music video for the song. We had free rein, and I had no idea where to start! Luckily Gianluca, who has the great ideas, thought of using old Eli as the main character of a story inspired by, but not reflective of, the lyrics. He thought it would've been too 'obvious' to animate a she-character on a paper plane for this song, so he thought up this wonderful little adventure with rabbit, turtle and bear as musical sidekicks. He directed and animated the whole thing. I merely worked on the illustrated paper cutouts. It took about two months to make.
Hope you like it!


Anonymous said...

beautiful beautiful animation and the rythm of the music combined with the rythm of the images is really perfect, love it very much, great work!

felicita said...

thanks Darja!

Andrea said...

wow, beautiful work! I love that turtle

anto said...

What a stunning work of art! It blew my mind. It is so, so beautiful.

Paprika said...

I love the bit at 1 min 48 seconds with the 3 of them looking all serious and into the music! This is so well done I adore it, congrastxx

lain said...

Amazing work! How long does it took to make it?

piccikka said...

wonderful but sad...i hope in a happy end! =)

electricwave said...

molto bello!

felicita said...

thanks so much everyone!

Unknown said...

Paper Plane music video is best video for ever. I really enjoyed this video

Anonymous said...

This is sooooo imaginative! Thank you for sharing! Susan

claudia said...

è bellissimo! Martino, il mio bimbo di 6 mesi, non smette di guardarlo affascinato...siete 2 grandi!

felicita said...

che bella cosa! grazie claudia

Nancy said...


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