Monday, February 16, 2015

coming home

here is a big tree illustration i made for my sister when she got married a couple of years ago, which i never photographed.

just got back from two months in australia. we went to melbourne to do a stop motion animation workshop for the state library of victoria (the kids were amazing!)

actually, australia is amazing, and i often wonder why i ever left.
among the general merryment and gallavanting around perth beaches parks and rivers, i also managed to finish a book project and start another, while nina turned one and started walking. great achievements all round.


Marina said...

I'm an illustrator too and I think your illustrations are awesome. I love them!

felicita said...

thankyou marina!

Kaydeerouge said...

What joyous pictures - of your prints, people enjoying themselves, an amazing tree - and such a beautiful happy little girl! Her yellow dress is perfection.

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