Thursday, March 19, 2015

sketchbook lately plus a little interview

have been quite busy lately, and happily so. i recently started two new picturebooks, and have been quite swamped with editorial work. sometimes i feel like my body is taking the shape of the chair, if it weren't for the little monkey's regular and pleasant interruptions.

on a personal note, i was recently interviewed by the lovely ladies over at museradio (an online podcast series about creatives and their work). here is the interview (hoping i won't bore the heck out of you with my life story)! photo below by Kat Tan.


Rosa Martín said...

I'm excited to know a bit more about you through the podcast. Great sketches by the way! Good luck with all the editorial work you've got and remember to take some rest from time to time :)

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starless2 said...

I adore your work! Good job! Hope to see more of that :-) greetings!

felicita said...

thanks so much rosa! i do need to remember that.

felicita said...


su said...

Found your blog via Kat, I love your work!